10 Digital Marketing Trends that Your Company Needs in 2019

10 Digital Marketing Trends that Your Company Needs in 2019

To increase your business earnings this 2019, it is necessary to be aware of new digital marketing strategies and trends. It is important to emphasize that innovation is crucial when engaging with your audience, which is why we share 10 popular digital marketing trends in 2019 that you must know and put into practice.

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1. High-Quality Content is Important

Creating engaging content for your website or social media sites can lead to an increase in traffic and a higher return on investment. You need to attract your audience with content that inspires their thoughts, excites them, and provokes emotions. Don’t just publish content and wait for some type of response. Instead, you must also encourage your audience to share and engage with your content. Whether you are sharing an article for your online store or a video on social networks, allow bi-directional communication in order to build trust.

2. Successful Marketing on Whatsapp

The use of WhatsApp as part of digital marketing trends has been a total success! It is the ideal platform to connect with your current and potential clients. Develop visual strategies such as images, videos, gifs, or stickers that allow you to hook your audience. It is important to keep in mind that you should not fill your clients’ chat with an overload of information.

Instead, you must also encourage your audience to share and engage with your content. Whether you are sharing an article for your online store or a video on social networks, allow bi-directional communication in order to build trust.

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3. Use Vertical Videos on Social Media Platforms

Videos no longer simply complement your marketing strategy. On the contrary, now you need a complete strategy just for your videos. Currently, people watch countless hours of video footage every day. YouTube is the main platform used to share videos and it is the second search engine after Google.

However, do not forget that mobile devices should also be part of your strategy. Vertical videos are more convenient for mobile device users. Take advantage of Instagram, one of the most popular social networking platforms at the moment, which offers IGTV. With IGTV, videos in vertical mode are preferred for viewing content. This includes being able to publish longer videos of interviews, animated videos, live broadcasts, and more.

4. Increase your App’s Search Ranking with ASO

If you have not heard about ASO, you are missing an opportunity to get your app discovered. App store optimization (ASO) improves the visibility of your mobile application. As a result, there is increased traffic to your app’s page in the app store.

Therefore, it improves the position and increases the possibility of your mobile application being much more downloaded and installed.

5. Create Engaging Tutorials

Video is useful for more than entertainment. Tutorials are popular due to their step by step quality content for virtually all lines of business.

Therefore Google considers tutorials to be valuable content for consumers because they are frequently searched for.

6. Hire Influencers for Your Business

Influencers integrate with the public in a fluid and natural way. Therefore, by including an influencer in your digital marketing strategy, your company will gain credibility.

For that reason, it is important to keep in mind that a good influencer is one who has a large number of interactions with his or her followers. By hiring an influencer, your company to reach as many users as possible via social networks.

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7. Improve Customer Service with Chatbots

It is essential that all companies provide good customer service. Customer engagement increases when chatbots are used. Chatbots are artificial intelligence assistants that you can integrate into your website to answer questions and fulfill your clients’ requests quickly. AI chatbots provide accurate and automated answers in a friendly manner so you never have to worry about any errors occurring.

8. Utilize Keywords for Speech-to-Text Voice Recognition

The search through voice recognition feature has been around for a while now. According to Econsultancy, Google Home accurately identifies search words 95% of the time. Take this into account so that your content is easy to locate by voice search services since this feature keeps growing in popularity.

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9. Make Interactive Video Content

As time passes, video marketing has become increasingly popular. Nowadays, more videos are uploaded to social networks and web pages as part of marketing strategies.

In 2019, you will see a change in the way these formats are consumed. For example, 360-degree interactive videos will be used more. This format allows users to see the whole area that is in the video while the video is playing.

10. Data Analytics Offers Great ROI

No matter what marketing strategies you use, do not forget to analyze the text, image, or video that you shared. This is important so that you know what works and what doesn’t work for your company. Collecting data from social media sites and company websites is crucial to improving your outreach and making your company the # 1 choice for clients.

Currently, there are many tools that help you analyze your data. For example, Google Analytics is a great resource. Additionally, social networks may provide their own sites for client engagement on their platforms. Having a meaningful interaction with your customers and customer insights allows for an increase in sales.

Since trends and digital marketing strategies are constantly changing, be sure to inform yourself of any emerging practices so that your company is not left behind.

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